Mailed Out Package.

Typewritten words inked on plain paper.

Tried to translate emotions into words to paint a half-done work of art. Sought out an old-fashioned romance in the simplicity of words and the act of permanence. Injected meaning into black and imagination into white.

Book that attempts to place a reason for everything under the sun.

Bounded a part of you into pages and made your mind slightly easier to comprehend. Paperback and an easier load to carry. In a language that brings us together and tears us apart.

Disc that holds the tears, blood and sweat of dream chasers living on the very same island.

Dreams made tangible for all five senses. Listen to their hearts beating in all sorts of melodies and harmonies, and maybe find your own amidst the beautifully composed chaos. Keep inspiration by your desk and hopefully not lose it.

Those may be all that can be seen and touched, but I hope you know that in all those pockets of space in between holds all

The words I will not whisper.

The touches I will not give.

The looks I will not share.

The love I will not show.

(P.s. I hope it is as precious to you as it is to me.)


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