(Book) Making Love With Scrabble Tiles.

making-love-with-scrabble-tiles-joshua-ip-poeStarted discovering for myself the beauty of local works since 2013 and even though I discovered this flourishing scene so late, I guess it is better late than never!

I stopped asking for books as gifts since I turned 7, after I discovered the library, but my collection of local books have been steadily growing over the years and there are absolutely no regrets because I can always go back to read them again and again.

And each time, I always end up discovering a new meaning to a word, poem or cover art.

Making Love with Scrabble Tiles by Joshua Ip was one of the first local books I bought and i have read it every now and then since. It is definitely one of my favourites from BooksActually.


It seems the only cure to loving you too much is to love you more.

For after all, men take the softest pleasures in the taking off.

I’ve known him all my life, and neither god nor man could hold him for the night.

Life colliding with itself.

No man can choose what grows on him, even one made of stone.

Comets collide and all is heat and light.

Bird’s-eyed, you overlook my fish-eyed view. You can’t see me. All I can see is you.

I’d rather kiss you than admit a mistake.

I am hanging on to the debris of our love.


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