Terra Incognita (2015).

production_09After sorting out the insane schedule and trying to make as many things work as possible, I finally started my M1 Singapore Fringe Festival experience this year with Pat Toh’s Terra Incognita last Thursday night.

Held at Esplanade Theatre Studio, the entire show was intimate, bare and personal. Focusing on the act of walking itself, the performance presented facts, stories and perspectives one can take towards walking.

For me, I liked how in depth the performance was and the way it was presented. With only videos of feet in different settings, a simple narrative, plain scrolls and walking, Pat Toh filled the space with accelerating rhythms of breath and escalating levels of raw emotion.

The experience was pretty enchanting and meditative for me. The layering of narrative, sounds, movements as well as use of multimedia kept me thinking, appreciating and understanding the work from beginning to end. I had many thoughts but I do not think I am ready to share them in such a semi-permanent space so I shall not.

Anyway, my favourite moment was definitely the bit of improvisation and an unexpected outburst of emotion from Toh. The mind and body were connected in that moment and it was filled with such an energy that was captivating and seldom experienced. It touched me, in some way, and I almost shed tears because of the feelings it was evoking within me. I am just really honoured to have been a part of that, even though I was just a mere audience member.

It is, indeed, the most poetic combination of storytelling and simplicity together with symbolism in each act, prop and presentation method.

It was a great start to January. So glad I made time (and money) for this.

(I have been so busy that I think I will have to try and be more concise with my thoughts about future shows. Afraid to stop writing because my current mediocre skills will diminish but probably will increase my stress levels if I keep writing long posts. Ugh. I need more time in my life.)


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