Pyramid (2014).

The_Pyramid_(film)This is the classic case of being drawn in by the movie trailer to watch it and have all anticipation torn to shreds in the cinema and gain a hell lot of disappointment by the time you walk out the cinema.

Basic storyline: An archaeological team decided to explore a lost pyramid that was buried under the ground (even though we all know that ancient pyramids always curse new visitors) and they discovered way more than they bargained for.

I do not really know what exactly I was hoping for but considering that the movie is considered horror, I guess I wanted more scares, suspense and tension. Surprisingly, the movie lacks in all those areas. It relied heavily on the build up of music and occasional jump scares or sudden switches in camera angles. That is fine when it is just for a scene or two… But to bank heavily on only these two techniques throughout an entire movie is a little ridiculous.

And just like the storyline itself, everything became incredibly predictable and after a while, boring.

I am not kidding when I say that you will be able to predict which character would be killed off first and how they would be killed off and why they were killed. It is that predictable and totally does not give you anything new to work with.

Though to be fair, I must say that the gore and make-up effects made it watchable for most parts. Sometimes they came off as extremely unbelievable and fake, so they became distractions instead of enhancing the quality of the movie.

Lastly, the dialogue started off as bearable. Then it became pretty redundant and was just going in circles and ended with it being the most irritating quality of the movie. One might just be better off watching the movie with the mute option switched on. The words had no purpose and it was just to kill time as well as go with the poor visuals.

Even the cheap humour by character Fitzie (James Buckley) went stale after a while. Ugh.

Final verdict: I seriously do not know how to feel about this movie, but I do know that I will probably never watch this every again.

Lesson learnt: Never ever trust movie trailers ever again.

(P.s. And can I just say that having an inconsiderate and talkative couple seated next to me totally did not help the movie experience at all. Things just got worse when the row in front started chatted too in their respective mother tongues. Ugh.)


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