Interstellar (2014).

interstellar3So I caught this movie almost two whole weeks ago, but I am only getting down to it now because:

  1. Working in a gallery really zaps my time and energy (from being bored).
  2. Haven’t gone near my computer for the past week at all for long periods of time.
  3. Personal ups and downs that made me spend more brain energy on churning out poetry than reviewing stuff.

Anyway, dubbed the “newer and better” Gravity of 2014, Interstellar plays around with the concept of time/space continuum, how the world might end as well as the boons and banes of science research.

Following the journey of Cooper and a group of explorers that left behind their family and lives to save the human kind from extinction, viewers get sucked into a story of love, loss and of course, hope throughout this (close to) three hour movie.

Probably the only movie that has such gorgeous visuals on screen most of the time that plot holes as gigantic as the black hole itself can be forgiven.

(I am really fond of how Nolan makes everything so beautiful on screen – lighting, texture and framing. I lost count of the number of times the scenery left me breathless.)

Besides star-gazing and enjoying the many landscape shots of the world, my favourite part was definitely when all the little hints and clues fell into place for the beautiful (though predictable) ending or the mystery of the “ghost”. I am just a sucker for stories that wrap up most loose ends nicely and brings about a more positive future for the beginning of the end.

Though after going through so many reviews about this movie, I must agree that the plot was not fantastic. It offers a lot of questions and many things for the audience to think about but there is nothing concrete or substantial to really hold on to. A pity, really.

But Interstellar is definitely one movie that made me cry like my tears were rain and my emotions were an ocean. I felt very deeply for all the relationships presented and the multiple push-and-pull scenarios life created for them. It is about the human condition and even though it was very much predictable, it was realistic enough for me.

It would definitely be good if the next Nolan movie looks good and feels good. That would be the perfect movie experience. But in the mean time, I guess Interstellar will do.

This is a movie that I can watch again and again and again. If anyone is going to ask me how I visualise heaven, I will just say the galaxies portrayed in Nolan’s movie. Because it is that gorgeous.


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