Big Hero 6 (2014).

Disney_BigHero6_Poster_BaymaxWell, I can no longer ignore the plot holes and how some sequences were totally ridiculous in urgent situations and only placed in just to make the on-screen action more impressive.

Yup. I am growing up and growing old and amazing things that do not make much sense do not appeal much to me anymore.


But no regrets catching this adorable white being on the big screen though. He stole the show, and my heart. Out of the six heroes out there, he was the one that restored my absolute faith in humanity all over again.

The ironic part is that he is a robot and not even human.

Baymax is created by Tadashi Hamada – the older brother of 14-year old robotics genius Hiro and the one that inspired the rebellious (and proud) teenager to attend school to further his talent. When things take a sudden turn for the worst and revenge is the first thing on Hiro’s mind, the young boy suddenly finds himself teaming up with Tadashi’s friends as well as Baymax to get to the bottom of the mystery.

With the movie running for only one and a half hours to accommodate the short attention spans of children and impatient parents, the team tried really hard to keep to the flow of the story and to finish it all within the tight time frame. That pretty much resulted in sudden (extreme) change in mindsets as well as quick realisations that were honestly, too good to be true.

Maybe I am just skeptical, but I thought the thought processes of Hiro throughout the movie was way too mature for his age. Switching from revenge to being all sorry in a span of three minutes?

I don’t think so.

But I must say that the layouts, animation skills as well as the culture that it has introduced onto the big screen were great. Most animation films revolve around animals, toys, fairy tales as well as old-fashioned heroic figures, but Big hero 6 decided to bring the focus to the extreme use of science, technology and design.

These topics are usually not introduced until way later in the growing stages so I thought the concept was interesting. And introducing the endless possibilities, fun as well as encouraging creativity to a young audience is a gesture I really appreciate.

San Fransokyo is also one place that I would love to live in because it is a metropolis made up of such a great blend of wild imagination and the comfort of “normalcy”.

Full of heart and genuine gentleness, it was a watch that reminds everybody what life really is about.


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