We leaned into each other

Slowly and cautiously

And I felt your hands on my back

Just as I placed my own hands on yours

Broad, strong and warm

Eyes closed and hearts calm

We started breathing in the same rhythm

In and out and in and out and pause

As if our bodies are in harmony and

Humming the same melody quietly

A sense of security washed over me

And I held onto you a bit tighter

Just to know that you are really here in my arms and that

This is not a cruel game of my lonely imagination

You do not speak

But in this silence I could hear your voice so loudly and clearly

Like stage whispers and purposeful glances that reveal so much more than

the words you tend to use

Jokes, half-truths and white lies

Eventually when the sun has set and the waves start rising

We let go to give

Each other the space we deserve

And remind ourselves who we are when alone

To know that our hearts are still whole

And alive and beating and singing a tune only we ourselves know

Walk away without turning back

Step by step then run and dance and stop

To turn back only when we seek the comfort and the connection

We have found in the other person

That has become a house away from home



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