2013 – 2014; Brand New Start.

So, today marks the last day of 2014.

And in a couple of hours, 2015 will be here and it will officially be the end of my two gap years that I decided to embark on after my ‘A’ levels back in 2013.

And in a couple of days, it will be a crazy start of going back to school, juggling shows as well as writing assignments without (hopefully) neglecting my relationships with the people I love.

It is surprising and slightly bittersweet that the hectic lifestyle I have been living for the past 728 days is (finally) coming to an end.

I do not actually know what or how to feel about this. It is a strange mix of excitement, anxiety, panic, worry, happiness, relief and possibly hopeful. The new year scares me, but I guess I should be more worried if I am not scared at all.

I will definitely miss living on a schedule that I plan out for myself.

Looking back, the past two years were filled with opportunities, lessons, bad decisions and was one big emotional roller coaster for me. I have went through one of my lowest periods in my short life, but these two years have also given me such fulfillment, independence and great experiences that I will take with me as I keep learning, observing and growing up.

I might complain, cry and lose sleep over the silliest things ever but I can proudly say that I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever. And I am so grateful to everyone that stuck by me and believed in me. I will forever be in debt to all the kindness, love and concern shown as well as given to me.

Words fail to truly describe how lucky I am, in more ways than one.

Hmm. The one thing I am most proud of is that I always chose to listen to myself instead of other people that are usually full of negativity and doubt, and did what I wanted to try and suffered the consequences (if any) as they come and move on. I have my victories as well as my fair share of mistakes, but I stayed true to myself and that is what counts. They haven’t always been easy decisions but I am so happy that I survived and came out stronger.

Many people think that taking a gap year is like a voluntary holiday. Taking two gap years? A total punishable crime.

People have come up to me, saying that I am wasting my time and my youth. Sometimes, they even sit me down and tell me off for wasting my female privilege of not having to serve the national service for two years but instead, waste two years of not attending a school that provides a mainstream route of education.The offhanded remarks or comments still ring in my head every now and then. That is the thing with listening to people talk. It stays with you longer than you would like it to, and it haunts you whenever you are hit by an obstacle or during the dead of the night in your tired mind. People will brush off the hurt feelings and defend themselves with the fact that they are concerned about me or worried about my strange idealistic view on life.

Not a lot of people get my decisions most times or why I choose to do all the things that I find myself doing in some point or another, but it is okay. I have come to terms with it and I have stopped trying to explain, convince and make them see what I have been doing.

Because this is essentially my life, and I only answer to myself.

So 2015, let’s kick ass.

It is you and me. xx

Have a great new year everyone!

And do not ever let anyone dull your shine. xx


Part-Time Love.

Clocking in hours and leaving whenever you want.

Seen only to fill empty hours during odd days but never at the back of your mind.

Taking all you can and giving what you no longer need.

Making conversations, making love and making time only at your convenience; disappearing whenever you deem fit.

Because, in the end, this is only a part-time love.

No commitments and not for the long term.

Temporary and painless for you.

Just a shadow in your day.

Gone, once in your way.

Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb (2014).

night_at_the_museum_secret_of_the_tomb_new_posterEven though I am getting older and way too close to the adult world for comfort, Night At The Museum will always be one of my favourite family-friendly movies ever.

With wit, trouble and extremely lovable on-screen characters, each movie has never failed to tug at my heart strings or make me laugh and embrace the silliness of serious situations. However, it is true that each movie seem to make use of the same formula again and again.

So if you truly want to enjoy it, just sit back, enjoy what they give you and laugh along. I promise it is way way waaaay better than Transformers. Naturally.

Basic synopsis: Larry Daley is back and traveling away from his favourite museum ever to solve the mystery and save the magic before it is too late. Along with his favourite exhibits, they embark on a journey to fix things while Daley is struggling to accept that his own son is growing up, and that it is time to let go.

Hmm, even though I really enjoyed the film, it is difficult to say if the characters had any growth or change at all from the first to the last of this franchise. The focus has always been about how different their personalities are and the friendships they have forged, or how they are always willing to help and support one another. And that is precisely what this feel good movie is about, so even though most critics are complaining… I do not really mind.

And let me just say that I have never ever disliked Sir Lancelot so greatly in my life. So good job Dan Stevens (IV), you portrayed him well.

On a side note, it was a pity that Rebel Wilson played such a small role. Her character was not much of a character, really. Just there to add some comedy, and considering how she is way more than that, it would have been great if she played a slightly bigger role.

Lastly, it was heartwarming to watch Robin Williams and Mickey Rooney work their magic on the final installment of this film. Their presence and their hard work will always stay with us, and I think that is one of the greatest things about film and technology.

Thank you so much to the Asian Civilisation Museum for the preview tickets. It was wonderful.



A glass at a time

As the midnight clock ticks on

Poison after poison

In colours of temptation and the elusive night

Weak attempts to drown oneself in the juice of stars that are more dangerous than comforting

Only to spend hours after

Sunk to the cold hard floor

Vomiting out hopeless anger and lost thoughts

Black out

Spend the night unconscious under a starless sky

And to wake up the next day to bright lights and cruel heat

Sudden realisation

Trying to search for the missing pieces of your

Once whole gut and the voice you lost to Ursula as you

Drowned it voluntarily with curious mixes of the sea you got offered

In the swimming of the drowsy mind.

Monkey Goes West (2014).

monkey_goes_westI have been so busy with plenty of commitments going on all at the same time, but I was so lucky to be able to make some time to catch this production by W!ld Rice a while back.

(On a side note, Victoria Concert Hall looks so beautiful and I am so glad that the space is up and running again while retaining most of the defining features of the architecture. Reminds me of my secondary school days of attending classical concerts as well as performances in that space.)

Everyone knows the tale of Journey To The West, so I thought it was about time to get a localised version of this classic tale (since the whole past year has been about giving a Singaporean twist to plays and musicals) and here it is!

Falling asleep at Haw Par Villa after a petty quarrel with his step-family, Ah Tang wakes up in his dreamland where he “becomes” Tang Seng and meets Monkey King, Pigsy and Sandy while on his quest to get back to Jurong West. As obstacles are overcome and the end is nearing, Ah Tang learns lessons that will stay with him throughout his life.

Even though I do make a point to catch most of W!ld Rice’s shows throughout the season, this is the first ever pantomime for me so the experience was refreshing and new. Breaking the fourth wall right at the start and constantly engaging the audience as well as cracking relevant jokes every now and then were truly pleasant surprises (because most of the plays I catch tend to be emotionally or content heavy) and I found myself participating and laughing along after a couple of minutes.

Hmm. I particularly enjoyed the songs with the whimsical lyrics. They were catchy and fun while keeping the high-energy action on stage. And something that made things more engaging was how kids started singing along halfway through the show. It was pretty adorable and tempted me to participate as well.

But the “Yo Mama” jokes and the punny dialogues totally took the cake that night. I absolutely loved how witty and clever they were, especially with weaving certain innuendos and nuances into the text. I guess the older kids will understand what I am getting at. Hahaha.

And for those two hours, I escaped reality and relaxed in my seat to enjoy the show. And that was much needed.

Thank you so much to everyone that made the show so wonderful. I am definitely going to try and catch the pantomimes from now on, and join in the kids at the chanting, laughing and audience interactions.

Pyramid (2014).

The_Pyramid_(film)This is the classic case of being drawn in by the movie trailer to watch it and have all anticipation torn to shreds in the cinema and gain a hell lot of disappointment by the time you walk out the cinema.

Basic storyline: An archaeological team decided to explore a lost pyramid that was buried under the ground (even though we all know that ancient pyramids always curse new visitors) and they discovered way more than they bargained for.

I do not really know what exactly I was hoping for but considering that the movie is considered horror, I guess I wanted more scares, suspense and tension. Surprisingly, the movie lacks in all those areas. It relied heavily on the build up of music and occasional jump scares or sudden switches in camera angles. That is fine when it is just for a scene or two… But to bank heavily on only these two techniques throughout an entire movie is a little ridiculous.

And just like the storyline itself, everything became incredibly predictable and after a while, boring.

I am not kidding when I say that you will be able to predict which character would be killed off first and how they would be killed off and why they were killed. It is that predictable and totally does not give you anything new to work with.

Though to be fair, I must say that the gore and make-up effects made it watchable for most parts. Sometimes they came off as extremely unbelievable and fake, so they became distractions instead of enhancing the quality of the movie.

Lastly, the dialogue started off as bearable. Then it became pretty redundant and was just going in circles and ended with it being the most irritating quality of the movie. One might just be better off watching the movie with the mute option switched on. The words had no purpose and it was just to kill time as well as go with the poor visuals.

Even the cheap humour by character Fitzie (James Buckley) went stale after a while. Ugh.

Final verdict: I seriously do not know how to feel about this movie, but I do know that I will probably never watch this every again.

Lesson learnt: Never ever trust movie trailers ever again.

(P.s. And can I just say that having an inconsiderate and talkative couple seated next to me totally did not help the movie experience at all. Things just got worse when the row in front started chatted too in their respective mother tongues. Ugh.)