Up and down.

Side to side.

Inside and out.

Eight times each.

Then rinse and gargle. Gargle twice if your gums are bleeding.

I taste iron.

Floss. Get rid of everything stuck in between – bits and pieces from lunch or accidental kisses.

Maybe use Listerine. It really does kill most of the bacteria and leave an acquired taste in your mouth.


I love brushing my teeth even though I usually go at it too hard and only stop when my gums get red, sore and they start bleeding. Staining my teeth a light pink, like my favourite lip gloss colour.

I always look forward to running my tongue over my teeth to feel that I managed to clean away everything. So fresh. So clean. So new.

And for a while, I can no longer taste you in my mouth.

And I feel safe.

Knowing that I am a little more myself, and not you.


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