Quick Catch-Up.


It is a Friday and I woke up at 6.30am (which is incredibly early for me) to get some work done. So now that I have a bit of time left while having some fresh strawberries for breakfast, I thought I would spent ten minutes just coming up with a quick post just to share what I have been up to.

Because I only realised how quiet my blog has been yesterday and that is due to queuing posts after the 24th of November.

Day Job: Gallery sitting at Third Floor – Hermès

Well, there is no harm getting some extra cash to save up in the (almost empty) bank account and I thought I would try something new since I wanted a short break from doing stage shows for a while.

I am two weeks into the job and I am finally getting used to it – bringing books to entertain myself, writing poetry, sketching, colouring and just being by myself for long periods of time. It is really quiet and peaceful, so it is not all that bad.

And the current exhibition coined Becoming Again by Ran Hwang is pretty wonderful.

Come visit if you would like to!

(P.s. I am there on most days until mid December comes around.)

Writing: SINdie, Poached Mag & Peatix blog

And in case anyone’s been wondering why I am constantly running around attending events but not blogging about them here, the reason is because I have been writing for other sites!

Basically covering community events, local film screenings, art exhibitions as well as anything falling under the big umbrella of The Arts in general, I tend to be everywhere and anywhere when something is going on. I love having the first-hand experience of whatever that is happening in Singapore. It kind of reminds me how exciting the various scenes are on this island and really, how small I am in this gigantic world of possibilities.

The deadlines, on the other hand, have been a little crazy the past couple of weeks. Especially after I got the gallery sitting job, because there is no wifi in the space.

But I have been doing this (writing) for a couple of years now – simply to get myself to think and formulate opinions, be more observant and just keep writing to improve. Gaining a new skill always comes in useful, so yup.

I will just have to make do with less sleep and many compromises.

What I have read over the past couple of days:

  1. Body Boundaries: The EtiquetteSG Anthologies Volume 1
  2. The Monsters Between Us – Jason Wee
  3. Unmarked Treasure – Cyril Wong
  4. Change Your Mind: 57 Ways to Unlock Your Creative Self – Rod Judkins
  5. Our Neighbourhoods: We Love Katong

That is all I have to share at the moment.

Will take some time tomorrow to finally blog on Interstellar as well as Big Hero 6. And add new pieces of poetry/writings/pretentious romantic whatevers to the blog.

And closer to the end of the year, I am hoping to do up a quick post about the past two years of this gap year life, going off to school and some other sentimental stuff. I will definitely try to make time for it, because it is important to me.

Have a great weekend everybody!



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