It was an act of carelessness – as usual.

(Have I ever told you how I peeled an orange once to eat, only to throw the fruit into the bin, mistaking it for its textured skin? It was the last orange too. All I could do was sniff the peels for a bit, pretend I ate the orange and left the kitchen in disappointment.)

I casually walked over to my drawer, took out a bottle and was just about to pour the solution into my contact lenses’ case before I was totally aware of what I was doing.

I almost poured perfume to cleanse my dry contact lenses that night after a long day of quarrels, work and never ending emotional baggage.

At first, I was surprised at myself. Then I just sat on the floor and laughed at myself.

It was as if my body knew what I needed – to be able to see the world in a better light.

As if the perfume will help me to see the world with more romance and joy and mask it with a forgotten goodness. Stop and smell the sweet scent of roses while it filters my view to focus on the brighter things in life – children laughing freely, non-hazy days and decisions made without betraying the heart.

Remind myself that there is beauty in this life and that I just got to open my tired eyes wider and look with wonder and just


Really look.

Who cares if your eyes burn from the perfume and are bloodshot and start tearing?

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and happiness is really the only thing that matters,

Or so,

They say.


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