His Sadness.

His voice was cracking and his brown tired eyes would never meet mine.

Sadness was weaved into every sentence he said and every breath he took.

It surprised me how much sadness a person could hold in for so long and as I sat listening to all the feelings, thoughts and fears, little moments when he was caught off guard clicked into place in my head.

The moments of quiet.

The moments of facial tension.

The moments of being elsewhere mentally.

Then, he turned away and apologised for having fears and emotions.

I just looked at his hunched back in the dark and wondered if that was the reason why he seemed to always be in the colour blue – navy, oxford as well as midnight.

I did not say much, even though I ended up thinking about it the entire night.

And I guess I should have told him that sadness

is nothing to apologise for.

is nothing to be ashamed of.

is something everyone goes through.

is something that goes away after a while.

is something that I would like to help get rid of.

If I could.



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