Dracula Untold (2014).

dracula_untold_ver3_xlg I finally caught this movie over the weekend since I had the time to do so and from everything I have heard from friends, I must say that I was pretty disappointed after experiencing it for myself.

As the title of the movie suggests, Dracula Untold tells the tale of history’s most legendary monster – the struggles, the intentions and the consequences.

Hmm, despite the deliberate insertion of quite a number of action sequences, the movie was rather dry and boring after a while. Even though the stakes kept rising as the movie goes on, it did not leave any impact on me as an audience member.

And the ending was all too familiar.Ugh.

Basically, it is the kind of movie that you watch and forget about in a couple of days because there is nothing memorable about it. It is a pity though, because the premise of it all is actually interesting.

There were moments that felt honest and that kept me in my seat throughout the movie. To me, it was a joy to watch how the relationship between Dracula (played by Luke Evans) and his son developed on screen even though it was kept relatively superficial and only skin deep. It would have been even better if more nuances were shown to really uncover the depth of their emotions and hint what was really going on in their minds.

Actually, most of the characters were rather flat and there was absolutely no development or growth at all. The relationships stayed stagnant throughout from beginning to end. The only difference was that every other character died a horrifying death with only three living.

And how do you fall from a tower at the top of the cliff and not have your body smashed to pieces, face disfigured and lose your ability to speak in proper English to convince your husband to drink your blood and save your son?

Who’s the immortal one now?

Anyway, what really made the movie worth watching was the costumes and the make-up, in my opinion. The elements they decided to incorporate into the outfits to distinguish between the armies, cultural references, use of materials and the types of textures placed together were all interestingly done. The use of colours were visually stimulating as well and that enhanced the effects on screen.

Besides that, I am not a big fan of CGI (computer generated imagery) but I will admit that it was quite impressive. It might have been overused but I guess it was better than nothing. Everything else was already boring enough, so might as well have some exciting visual effects right? The effects made it slightly more bearable.

Let’s just hope that the sequel (as suggested by the extremely corny and overused ending) will be way more interesting and exciting.


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