Time Table Cafe.

2014-08-20 20.35.13

Located at the really new East Village, Time Table Cafe serves coffee and quite a selection of ice cream to anyone that is in that area that wants a change from the usual coffee shops and supper places.

The decorations are really fancy and gives off a really high-end vibe, but thank goodness the service is great whether you are in sneakers or in heels.

The staff members are really polite and ready to serve, which makes the dining experience really sweet. It is also a huge bonus that there are electrical sockets for customers to use directly under the tables so you can work from your laptops, phones and other devices without worrying about battery life.

The prices are competitive and completely affordable. I tried the matcha ice cream and gula melaka ice cream. I quite like the both of them – not too sweet but the taste is strong enough to know that they are not made from artificial flavourings.

Heard the americano and lattes are good but I haven’t the chance to try them yet. Planning to do so soon!

I am definitely going back there again once I have the time. Who can resist matcha ice cream right? Well, not me.

(Psst. Gets pretty cold when it is relatively empty so bring along a jacket or sweater if you need to. Or well, you can always get a wonderful warm cup of coffee.)


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