On Days I Felt Like I Wasted Time.

I should have:

  1. Brought a poetry book out to read and get inside someone else’s mind for a change. Listen to a different voice that shares insights and another perspective. And stop thinking about things that I cannot control or change.
  2. Went out of the house to discover a new cafe. Sit down and immerse myself in an entirely new environment. Sip warm coffee from foreign cups and flip worn pages of out-dated magazines.
  3. Plucked up the courage to make small talk with the lady that sat next to me on the train today. Ask her about her day and where she was going. Come to the realisation that everyone is really more similar than we think. Appreciate life experiences and the memories of others because they are as real as my own.
  4. Pick up a half-used sketchbook and head out to a park just to sketch. Get my hand used to holding a pencil for long periods of time and relearn the familiar shapes of the everyday to translate them onto paper.
  5. Sit by the beach and be close to the endless sea. Listen to waves crashing and soak in the drizzles and the messiness of life.
  6. Chose to leave and board a bus. Go to a place of calm and peace.

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