2014-08-20 20.39.32SPRMRKT is definitely one of the places I think about when I visit the Tanjong Pagar and Telok Ayer area during my spare time.

One of the reasons will be how convenient it is to walk there from a train station without getting lost. And they are open every day so no worries about getting disappointed on a Monday.

Another simple reason would be how I really like the furniture there – earthy and mostly made of wood. I am a sucker for wonderful aesthetics and this is one of the places that goes for a clean design and simplicity, which I appreciate.

(Some cafes have very tacky hipster decorations that are totally overrated.)

They are known for their truffle fries, which are crispy and comes with a generous portion of shredded parmesan and kelp. I am a big fan of their all-day breakfast menu too. It never fails to satisfy my hunger and need for good food.Totally spoilt for choice from salads to omelettes to yoghurt.

Also, their mac ‘n’ cheese with pumpkin was amazing – flavourful, smooth and filling, but sadly is no longer on the menu. I really hope they bring it back though!

Their coffee is also not bad (not too sweet and not too bitter), though I would say that their food items stand out more. They have quite a selection of craft beers too, so it is a pretty ideal place to chill after a long day.

By the way, their menu changes every now and then so check it up!


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