Let’s Get Back Together.

20140731020917-poster4_edit What is a better time to catch theatre productions after being involved in one right? It is a wonderful change from being on performing ground to the audiences’ seats.

So I caught Let’s Get Back Together this week and I really enjoyed myself.

Having staged Sex. Violence. Blood. Gore. just last October, Red Pill Productions is back this time with a testimonial piece on the LGBTQ community in Singapore to give an insight on thoughts, opinions and an insight on what really goes on.

With everything that happened recently with the NLB saga, Wear White Campaign and the HPB faqs, I must say that this work is staged really timely and a conversation that has to keep going in this country. It is so important to talk about it and make people understand.

So yea, I really appreciate what these lovely human beings are doing for this cause. Because I think just putting it out there is an action that really helps in the long run.

Anyway, there was a lot to love about the piece. Being a total sucker for honesty and rawness, I was close to tears more than once because the monologues and the little pieces of reality portrayed really touched me. I felt many emotions that night – be it sadness, admiration, disgust and just total disbelief.

And at the end of the show, I felt a change in myself and I know I walked out of that black box as a slightly different person. That’s a good thing and I really hope everyone else that managed to catch the show did too.

Hmm. I really appreciated the variety of monologues presented and the themes that were touched on – family, love, acceptance. There were questions raised that left me thinking and concerns raised that most people forget to think about sometimes.I am not going to dwell on these too much since everyone’s takeaway will be different and mine are deeply personal.

It was really lovely to see how supportive some people really are and my favourite lines from the whole play were, “Do you have children because you want them to make you happy? Or do you have children because you want them to be happy?”

Food for thought, huh?

The space and costumes were simple with minimal props, so the whole focus was really about the people and the words and what they were sharing. Even though the volume of voices were soft sometimes with occasional stumbling of lines and a lag in lights, there were moments that were truly beautiful, to me, and those scenes will definitely stay in my mind for a long time.

So, thank you so much to the team for all the work and for the cast that brought the words, truths and moments to life.



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