Butterfly (Esplanade Studios).

butterfly_640x390After being sad that it was entirely sold out, I was lucky enough to get a spare ticket from Buds Youth Theatre to catch the show as part of the Esplanade Studios series on Saturday night. (Thank you so much!)

Having caught Meyyappan’s Snails and Ketchup back in 2011 and being entirely mesmerised by that piece of work, I was really excited to watch Butterfly to be enchanted all over again.

And yes, the show that lasted for 70 minutes definitely took my breath away. I left the studios feeling completely inspired, happy and it totally reminded me of why I have such a love for theatre in the first place.

Butterfly was inspired by the tale of Madame Butterfly and touched on the themes of love, loss, hope and life. With no text, the story was told through the physical body, music, lights, props and puppetry. The elements used were all weaved together so beautifully and having any one of them missing would have dulled the experience.

Honestly, I have no idea how to write about my experience because I am still gathering my thoughts and I am struggling to talk about the various elements because they were all so precise and in sync with one another. It was really a complete show and not a combination of mediums that can be talked about individually.

I must applaud the team because everything flowed so nicely and I felt really comfortable watching it. I did not feel bored or distracted by light or sound cues that went slightly off. They were all so precise and on the dot. And the actors kept the energy going from beginning to end with very strong establishments to their characters. I could really feel the full commitment from each of them and that was wonderful.

My favourite moment will be the dream sequence of past memories, fears and the imagination taking over the mind and warping the visual images and order of things. The images were really powerful and touched my heart in a way I cannot really describe, or maybe I can describe it but it is too personal a feeling to articulate.

All I can really say about Butterfly is that it is a beautiful piece of theatre that must be experienced and it is not enough to just read about it because words are just words and will never be able to do the work justice.

And if I can watch it again and again and again, I would.


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