Chameleon Girl.

Ash brown with highlights.

Chestnut brown with highlights.

Black-blue with highlights, which eventually faded to brown with a slight green tinge on my highlights.

Purple in different intensities.

I always imagined having rainbow hair. I really like colours, so the idea always excites me to my core. Still does.

(I still hope I will someday. Fingers crossed.)

I remember always pushing back the idea of dyeing my hair because I would over think and start worrying if I can still audition for shows or get a job or go to school. And this thought process applied to piercings and tattoos and whatnot.

There was also a naggy voice at the back of my mind telling me about the nasty things people might say or think when they stare rudely on the streets and have prejudgments about the person I am without actually getting to know me personally.

It scares me, sometimes.

But after the first time I did it, I got bolder and finally I am getting to colours that I want to experiment with. Brighter and bolder colours. And I am super happy about this new creative freedom I am feeling about myself. It is like personalisation of the self. A decoration of the identity, maybe. It feels comfortable and just so natural. I am happy and nothing else really matters after that, because I am important too.

All I can say is that it feels wonderful and I am never going back until I am done experimenting.

All hail the colours of the universe!

Anyway, if you plan to colour your hair, just go ahead and do it if that is what you really want.

Because you are important and you should do what you want.

Be free.



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