Poppies Bistro-Bar.

2014-05-14 10.58.58A friend of mine has been wanting to visit this place for quite a while, so we decided to pop by for dinner once we had the chance to.

Situated at the heart of Siglap, Poppies Bistro-Bar is a relatively quiet space with food and drinks.We knew the place quite far so it was convenient and easy for us to get to without getting lost, which is great because if it started raining it would have been a pain.

The service was pretty efficient and the waitress was a really polite lady. It made my experience pleasant. Yay to good service!

Anyway, the dishes were pretty tasty and satisfying. All of them were served fresh and hot, which is good. My salmon was easy to chew with the crispy skin adding texture to the tender meat while not too salty. Paired with long beans and mashed potato, the flavour was subtle but not plain, so I enjoyed my food very much.

Dessert was slightly overwhelming for me because I had to take all the berries so it was slightly sweet. The texture of the creme brulee was not smooth enough for me, so I guess it is not something I will get again the next time.

But having it together with my iced mocha was a good choice because the coffee was not too sweet. So it kind of balanced things out for me.

However, it is a pricey place so well, doubt I will be visiting this place very often but will be back some other time. It is a lovely place after all.



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