Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014).

transformers_age_of_extinction_movie_posterOkay, let’s just take a moment to just take in this gorgeous poster and feel sad that the movie did the poster utter injustice. The entire movie that lasted close to three hours was a complete waste of time and made up of a million face-palm moments.

The movie is a prime example of why a big budget just does not ensure a good product. Takes more than that.

Firstly, there were so many characters that could have been killed off and no impact to the general plot would have been affected. They only came in to show off a little bit of their skills and then proceed to just stay in the background to whine, cry or basically show that they can make troubled faces in times of adversity. And add to the frustration of the whole movie.

And I am aware this is a personal preference but seriously, Tessa Yeager was too damsel-in-distress for me.

Secondly, considering that it is an action movie, there was a total lack of tension, fights and explosions. It was a lot of mindless chatter, cheap humour and long explanations. Basically, it was a lot of talk and not enough visuals to back it up.

Thirdly, the movie was not as detail-oriented as I would have liked. And it left me pondering about many aspects after I left the cinema in a bad way.

Like, why did the humans not run away and just stood there when a huge wave was approaching and would kill them all? Why was the panning scenery after the huge fight look so undisturbed and all buildings were intact except for a few smokescreen effects here and there? How did all eight missiles on three separate occasions fired from high-technology prototypes armed with target-locking intelligence entirely miss the Autobots? How can a sky turn from blue to pink in a span of say, half an hour?

And many others. You get my point.

But I must say that I really appreciated how each Transformer had a different personality to drive their various actions. It was refreshing and can I just say that they showed more character growth compared to their human counterparts?

I loved the robotic dinosaur warriors as well. The aesthetics were awesome and I really enjoyed watching them on screen. Pity they only came up for the last half an hour and did not use most of their powers while they were getting trashed horribly, which made no sense whatsoever.

Oh well.

After reading this whole blog post, I am sure you can sense my total excitement for the next movie of this series. Yay.


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