The Laramie Project (2014).

The-Laramie-Project-POSTER-281x400I attended Pink Dot this year and among the many flyers, postcards and stickers I saw was The Laramie Project. Someone passed me a black-and-white copy and I remember seeing the posters around on my Facebook feed so I felt an interest to catch it.

And well, all thanks to Campus Singapore, I got a pair of tickets to catch this production put up by The Young Co at the DBS Arts Centre just last Friday. I was more than happy to receive the tickets, I must say. After a long day of doing up assignments, future planning and worrying about one thousand things for absolutely no reason, catching a theatre production was probably one of the best ways to unwind.

Anyway, The Laramie Project is by Moises Kaufman and the members of the Tectonic Theatre Project. Focusing on the town Laramie and the people’s various reactions, perspectives and insights of the unfortunate murder of Matthew Shephard back in 1998. 

Firstly, I must say that it is one of the most powerful scripts I have ever come across. With so many varying perspectives from the young and old, the words came across very strongly and clearly. Even until now, there are still certain phrases and sentences that stuck in my mind. I enjoyed the truthfulness and how real the words were, so thank you so much to Moises Kaufman and the members of the Tectonic Theatre Project for doing up this piece of work. It is definitely impactful and unforgettable.

For the production itself, even though the set seemed slightly too familiar, I liked how the ensemble had to set up the stage and clear it when the show ended. It was kept clean, simple and the stage is what it is – no unnecessary settings, props and whatever. They kept the honesty of the piece, so I really appreciated it.

There were a few moments that touched me and I will keep in my heart from the production, but my favourite will definitely be the moment when Rulon Stacey (played by Lauren Sim) lost her composure when making a press statement. For me, that moment was the most fragile and precious because of the internal conflict of the character and the emotions played out. Sure, it was a short moment and may be one of the shorter ones out of the whole play, but the layers of meaning and subtext really stayed with me.

All in all, it was a piece that left me with a lot of questions and that is a good thing.


How To Save A Life.

  1. Listen beyond the words that are strung up in pretty sentences. Read the body language, feel the emotions and be present.
  2. If you have nothing nice to say about someone and saying it does not help the situation in any way, don’t say it.
  3. And if you do say something and make promises, please mean it.
  4. Do not lie.
  5. Be open for people to reach out to you.
  6. Ask a kind, “How are you today?”
  7. If they need it, write them a note or the letter to remind them how beautiful and complete they are.
  8. Always choose to give hope and not to take it away.
  9. Don’t doubt them even if they may doubt themselves.
  10. Let them have your last chocolate chip cookie.
  11. Encourage them to want to save themselves.
  12. Give hugs. (They are free anyway.)


I am one of those dreamers with a severe case of wanderlust.

But then, I have days when I wonder if I ever would just backpack across the world and leave everything behind.

Having lived here all my life and only a few travels throughout my life to the same few places for the same few tourist attractions, it is difficult to imagine ditching all the rules, considerations and responsibilities to just go.

It is kind of like a bird with clipped wings living in a small and safe birdcage her whole life.

Always living within an environment that is controlled, censored and behind closed doors. And one day, when the cage is unmanned and the door is ajar, excitement would kick in and of course the first instinct is to fly away. Be free and go for everything she wants. Naturally.

The grass is always greener on the other side.

But would she be able to fly?

Or will she end up like the rest of the domesticated feather friends that simply fall prey to the strays, the stronger and the unfamiliar? Will it be a taste of freedom or fear? Maybe both or none at all?

But I guess I rather die trying.

Traveling is probably one of the best ways to discover places around the world and the places within me that I have yet to explore.

I must travel.

And that is a promise to myself that I am definitely keeping.

Missing Each Other.

Same book,

But constantly on different pages.

We see the same words,

But always reading into different things.

Silence –

Absence makes the heart grow fonder,

Or there is simply nothing more left to be said.

Fight –

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger,

Or everything is just chaos and creating a climax for the end.

Promise –

An assurance and a comfort for the future,

Or another thing created to be broken.

This is confusing and painful and sad and

Lonely. Is it just me?


We are just


Each other

In more ways than



Let us make love.

Skin on skin, hand in hand and with our tongues dancing a dance only we know.

And I will let you plant kisses on me.

Leave love bites to mark out the planets on my universe that you have discovered but I have not ventured.

At every blind spot, every curve and every wound.

Your fingertips will explore my bare skin and I will feel a slight tingle.


As if you are planting stars and tracing constellations in the darkness.

Let us make love on the moon.

Our bodies light and entangled in the vastness of space.

Give me a taste of zero gravity.

Take away my worries, burdens and sorrows.

Make me feel as special as the gentle moon herself.




Scraped knees, burnt skin and bruised hearts.

We have all been there before.

When the bleeding seems to never stop and the healing makes hours feel like years.

Pain is a bitter medicine that no one wants to take but still forced to swallow.

Might make you feel sick and want to spill your guts out.

To empty, to refresh and to start all over again.

It is all part of life, they tell us.

It is all to make you stronger.

After all, the heart is a muscle.

So what exactly am I afraid of since I am just skin and bones.

And I am told that my heart will never die.

Every time I feel nervous or anxious, I start biting my lips. Sometimes, I only stop when I taste blood and it starts to hurt.

I really should kick this bad habit.