22 Jump Street (2014).

22jumpstreet4One of the many last minute movie decisions of my life.

No regrets though. Thankfully.

Well, I remember catching 21 Jump Street and I quite liked it so yea. 22 Jump Street is way better than 21, I would say.

The sense of humour is essentially the same but played up. This is one movie that I actually laughed from start to finish, pretty much. And it was not because the movie was done up so badly that it is hilarious. The jokes, facial expressions and the underlying meanings of certain situations were just so classic. It was good.

If you like dramatic, ridiculous, weird and puns from time to time, you will definitely like this movie.

And beneath the humour, there is a pretty strong storyline to it which gives the movie a purpose for even being shot in the first place. The events actually made sense, with the beginning and end of the 110 minutes coming together really nicely.

I cannot say that the whole college, finding yourself and bromance themes are new because they are not. However, they are dealt with so nicely in this movie, I did not mind it at all. They weaved in nicely with each other and no theme was forced onto the script simply because.

The two leads, Schmidt (by Jonah Hill) and Jenko (by Channing Tatum) were the best duo ever. Very watchable and the chemistry they had with each other was comfortable. Not awkward or superficial. They knew when to play up the jokes and when to be serious during key moments that are meant to be more emotional than funny. (Probably director’s credit too!)

Anyway, I would just like to say that my favourite scene is the beach.

It is so amazing to see so many people doing so many different things and just creating the whole atmosphere. Details like, having a deejay, drinks, floats and umbrellas were all there. I don’t know about you, but crazy details totally impress me.

And I think the best part of this movie is that there are always clever pauses between funny bits that go with the flow of the action while giving the audience ample to laugh out loud and quieten down. I really appreciated this because I was laughing really loudly for some bits and am so glad I did not miss any dialogue or action.

It is the kind of movie you watch during casual sleepovers with close friends. I like.


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