X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014).

xmen_days_of_future_past_ver5_xlgHmm, I heard mixed reviews from my friends and after watching it for myself, I must say that it was pretty average. There were little surprises really but it was not to the extent of total boredom. I kind of expected worse really.

Especially since the storyline is about traveling back in time to save the mutants from war and an inevitable wiping out of their kind. (Storylines with time travel involved always has this strange way of playing out and everything just becomes really cliche and full of the ‘been there done that’.)

For me, it did not really work that so many characters were mere pawns in the scenes for destruction. I see the need for them and the need to portray the sacrifices and the helplessness against the weapons but the fighting were all minimal. They were not very exciting and that was just a waste.

There were also some character developments that I did not really see and some decisions just felt weird or sudden or out of character. Meh.

But I liked quite a lot of things about the movie that saved it all.

The scene and costume changes kept things refreshing (though it would have been nice if there were more and the movie pacing was slightly faster so tension was kept high).

I liked how there were obvious differences between the future people and the past. In terms of personality, life decisions and how they carried themselves. Their personal growth could be felt and even though the parallels were not made in an obvious fashion, they can still be found in the subtle actions and the way they spoke. That was quite nice for me.

It was also nice how Logan has to bear the responsibility of memories and experiences while everyone else has technically moved on with no idea of what went on. It is a burden for him and that is rather sad but the idea of how his reality does not exist anymore and other people’s reality seems to be a dream to him was nice. I liked the layer it added to the movie towards the end.

But my favourite parts will always be Mystique’s shape shifting. The way they chose to present it is really captivating and I liked that it was always so detailed. I will never get sick of watching her. It is true that she is the most different – power and appearance. And probably the only one that struggles with identity.

And the scene at the hospital really tugged at my heart strings. It was a quiet and slow scene but definitely stood out among the chaos and destruction.

Nurse: “Does she have a family?”

Raven: “Yes. She does.”

And can I just say that Mystique looks super adorable as a child.


Craft Bakery and Cafe.

2014-05-14 10.55.48I walked down the street at close to eight at night and I was searching for food.

The streetlights were bright and Holland Village was buzzing with people – eating, drinking and watching football matches on television screens.

Everything pretty much looked the same, until I came across this cafe in the middle of the crowded street. It was brightly lit and is not a bar so it stood out among the other places. I felt really happy and went in almost immediately. I was hungry and the promise of warm food was calling out to me.

The staff were friendly and the place was pretty cosy. I liked how it offered a bright space amongst bars and bistros. It was just what I needed that night. However, the fly-killing device was a little scary and every time it buzzed, I jumped in my seat until I got used to it.

(Note: The device is near the door so maybe if you are jumpy like I am, avoid the seats near the door and go for seats further back.)

Anyway, the portion was just nice for sharing if you are getting a drink.

Sharing was also a very good choice because the cheese was really thick and the flavour was overwhelming so eating only half of it was good with me. I liked it but if I had to finish the whole thing all by myself, I might have gotten sick of the taste. The salad lightened it a bit, which was nice. The soda was lovely and I liked it so much.

Definitely going back for more soda with freshly squeezed fruits.


He looked at me and told me that I am beautiful.

And for that moment, I wanted to believe him with all my heart.

To me, words just happen to mean a lot to me.

Written by hand on any napkin, post-it, postcard or paper.

Said through touch, voice, lips or eyes.

Or maybe quotes and poetry.

When I read them or hear them or feel them, they stay there and live with me. Meaning something and weaved onto the fabric of my heart. Everything just seems more believable when someone else says it to me as compared to me talking to myself all the time.

Just hearing the words being presented in a different way, voice and gesture just feels more real.

More real than the mirror and the tiny voice in your head.

When people remind you of what you are worth, it kind of feels like you can live another day.

And everything is not as bad as it seems.

Godzilla (2014).

Godzilla-Teaser-Poster-2 Okay, maybe no one should take this post too seriously because I watched Godzilla for the first time last Tuesday and I could not stop laughing. Yes, I was the only person laughing in the cinema so maybe I am crazy or maybe everybody else is. I do not know.

Probably me.

Anyway, the storyline is basically about Godzilla’s battle with two parasitic monsters to restore the balance of nature while humanity is at stake and pretty much rendered helpless in the situation. Or at least, humans try to control the situation and solve the problem only to make it worse.

Honestly, the movie could have been way better.

I cannot really share much because I might get carried away and spoil the movie for others. And also because a lot of things I am being picky about are details and moments throughout the film that did not really make any sense for me.

But one thing I can say is that there are so many characters that are redundant and if removed, the story would still go on anyway. They had no impact on the story at all and exist merely to get some emotional response from the audience: sympathy. It got annoying and pointless because the characters did not make a big enough impact on me to want to feel for them as people. They became mere props.

Also, many ideas and questions were raised, such as nuclear activity and use of military weapons as a solution that saves more lives than cause harm and destroy. That was great and I liked them. It was just a pity that they were dropped as fast as they were raised and everything fell flat.

My friend was telling me that it is a Godzilla movie. It is supposed to be brainless and action-driven. Okay, fine. Fair enough.

But then again, there was not much action! The stakes were not high enough! The monsters had too little screen time!

The fighting sequences were interesting and I liked the struggle. But just as those few moments were about to hit a climax, the scene would switch to frightened citizens or soldiers or the command centre. That just kills the excitement and it did not help that the storyline was predictable and I knew who was going to win and how. The constant switching of scenes got tiring and after a while, I did not feel engaged.

Oh well.

At this point in time, let me just clarify that I do not entirely hate the movie or anything.

The effects were pretty great and the use of lights and shadows were artistic. The use of light was rather subtle in some bits and were not strong but illuminated enough to hint at what was going on and to frame the action in an unusual way. That was interesting and I enjoyed how everything was placed together with a lot of destruction going on. That was pretty lovely.Same goes for the scenes with Godzilla traveling by sea.

Lastly, I liked how there were many changes in locations. The scenery was refreshing and the way some places were filmed made the destruction and mess very poetic. They made me think about how framing something was able to affect how I view a certain situation and controls what I see and not see. That was pretty great.

And can I just say that Godzilla is the sassiest force of nature alive on screen. I love him.

Out Of The Comfort Zone.

Throw away the familiar words, the self-pity and the misguided truths.

Stop going back to old meanings, rusty memories and overdue inspirations.

It is time to start exploring the new, the undiscovered and the forgotten all over again.

Always seek to learn, understand and look from new perspectives outside of my own.

Get the energy to pursue new possibilities.

Need to keep an open mind.



Victor’s Kitchen.


Situated at Sunshine Plaza and easily found within the mall on the first level, it is really convenient to get there which is great! Because it means I will not risk getting lost and I will have more time to enjoy the food and chill. Heh.

The one thing I most definitely like about the place will be how friendly the staff members are! They smile, greet and are just so ready to help you out. Or when a dish is just done, they will just ask if you want it so they can serve the dish to you while it is hot and fresh even though you might have just taken a seat. I find it really thoughtful and sweet.

Anyway, I tried most the dishes that looked interesting or those they are known for such as the custard bun, carrot cake and the glutinous rice. Sadly, I did not manage to try the porridge when I dropped by but I plan to the next time!

My favourite dish is definitely the you tiao cheong fun. Crispy on the inside with the nice smooth texture of the rice roll outside, together with the classic sauce. Awesome. I can eat it for the rest of my life.

Generally, the dishes were all pretty tasty – Hong Kong style. Not too salty or strong in taste but the texture is pretty good. I was grinning throughout the meal so, well, you know how I feel about the place.

The Hong Kong milk tea is nice too – bitter and sweet at the same time. And it will never get diluted because they place the ice on a bowl outside of the cup. I love it, because I can take my time to sip my tea and no matter how long, it will still taste as good.

My favourite Hong Kong kitchen so far. Whee.

Exploded Seeds.

A thousand exploded seeds.

Patiently existing in the stillness of the moment.

Against a blank canvas of white.

Different tones of brown with missing pieces

And all torn apart

Throughout their life.

With their individual tears, rough edges and


Dressing them up on the shell

Like a statement of fashion and pride.

Showing everyone that they have lived fully and


To me,

They were more than just seeds that can

No longer grow.

They were like hearts split in halves.

Bleeding their life story to any soul willing to look and listen.


Not whole.

But not waiting to be fixed.

Merely existing and waiting for some sort of


Learning to be beautiful in an incomplete way.

Like us humans.



(Inspired by my visit to SAM’s Unearth exhibition.)