Craft Bakery and Cafe.

2014-05-14 10.55.48I walked down the street at close to eight at night and I was searching for food.

The streetlights were bright and Holland Village was buzzing with people – eating, drinking and watching football matches on television screens.

Everything pretty much looked the same, until I came across this cafe in the middle of the crowded street. It was brightly lit and is not a bar so it stood out among the other places. I felt really happy and went in almost immediately. I was hungry and the promise of warm food was calling out to me.

The staff were friendly and the place was pretty cosy. I liked how it offered a bright space amongst bars and bistros. It was just what I needed that night. However, the fly-killing device was a little scary and every time it buzzed, I jumped in my seat until I got used to it.

(Note: The device is near the door so maybe if you are jumpy like I am, avoid the seats near the door and go for seats further back.)

Anyway, the portion was just nice for sharing if you are getting a drink.

Sharing was also a very good choice because the cheese was really thick and the flavour was overwhelming so eating only half of it was good with me. I liked it but if I had to finish the whole thing all by myself, I might have gotten sick of the taste. The salad lightened it a bit, which was nice. The soda was lovely and I liked it so much.

Definitely going back for more soda with freshly squeezed fruits.


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