He looked at me and told me that I am beautiful.

And for that moment, I wanted to believe him with all my heart.

To me, words just happen to mean a lot to me.

Written by hand on any napkin, post-it, postcard or paper.

Said through touch, voice, lips or eyes.

Or maybe quotes and poetry.

When I read them or hear them or feel them, they stay there and live with me. Meaning something and weaved onto the fabric of my heart. Everything just seems more believable when someone else says it to me as compared to me talking to myself all the time.

Just hearing the words being presented in a different way, voice and gesture just feels more real.

More real than the mirror and the tiny voice in your head.

When people remind you of what you are worth, it kind of feels like you can live another day.

And everything is not as bad as it seems.


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