Victor’s Kitchen.


Situated at Sunshine Plaza and easily found within the mall on the first level, it is really convenient to get there which is great! Because it means I will not risk getting lost and I will have more time to enjoy the food and chill. Heh.

The one thing I most definitely like about the place will be how friendly the staff members are! They smile, greet and are just so ready to help you out. Or when a dish is just done, they will just ask if you want it so they can serve the dish to you while it is hot and fresh even though you might have just taken a seat. I find it really thoughtful and sweet.

Anyway, I tried most the dishes that looked interesting or those they are known for such as the custard bun, carrot cake and the glutinous rice. Sadly, I did not manage to try the porridge when I dropped by but I plan to the next time!

My favourite dish is definitely the you tiao cheong fun. Crispy on the inside with the nice smooth texture of the rice roll outside, together with the classic sauce. Awesome. I can eat it for the rest of my life.

Generally, the dishes were all pretty tasty – Hong Kong style. Not too salty or strong in taste but the texture is pretty good. I was grinning throughout the meal so, well, you know how I feel about the place.

The Hong Kong milk tea is nice too – bitter and sweet at the same time. And it will never get diluted because they place the ice on a bowl outside of the cup. I love it, because I can take my time to sip my tea and no matter how long, it will still taste as good.

My favourite Hong Kong kitchen so far. Whee.


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