Just two letters.

Two letters that encompass so many different things.

Different things like thoughts, jokes, emotions, fights and dreams of two people.

Two people that chose to be together.

Be together even when it all becomes difficult.

Becomes difficult to breathe, to talk, to kiss, to hold, to touch and to want.

To want the other person beside you.

Beside you, when you feel ugly.

Feel ugly about having insecurities, thinking about exes, hurting from old wounds and having no love.

No love for you and no love for me.

For me, I do not really need anything back and simply just want to love you.

Love you, hold you and help you feel better for a long long time and maybe.

And maybe, we can just be us.

Be us – you and me – still learning and healing and caring about people that do not care about us and simply fucked up.

Fucked up and that is okay.

Is okay because we have each other.

Each other; if you will have me.


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