IMG_8835[1]Well, honestly, I spent quite a while wondering if I should write on the event I attended last Wednesday night. I had fun but more like brainy fun than anything else, so I am not sure if it would be exciting to write about or anything like that.

But well, why not I guess.

So, I attended Time Out Singapore’s coffee experience with Common Man Coffee Roasters on my own and hung out with a bunch of people that were really into coffee or just curious.

They were mostly working adults, I believe, so I felt slightly out of place at the beginning but as the night went on I felt better and comfortable being there. The event organisers were really sweet people as well, so I felt at ease.

For the whole two hours, I definitely learnt a lot about coffee – the processes, business, taste, grades and various other aspects of it. It was kind of like a crash course. There were moments when I felt a little overwhelmed with all the information. I mean, there were the continents, types of coffee, how cupping works and all that. There was geography, history and movements to take note of.

I was trying to remember all those in my mind because it would be a total waste if I do not remember anything by the end of the night. Thankfully, we were given time in between to digest the information given at our own pace.So I was able to consolidate my new knowledge. I would say that the things I was told and heard made me change my perspective on what coffee is about.

Normally, looking at my cup of coffee, I do not really find myself looking out for the smell, colour or even where it came from. I just cared about the taste and aesthetic presentation, superficially speaking. But after that session, I realised that I am paying for so much more. Every dollar goes into farming and picking of beans from different places, shipping costs, roasting processes, recipes and every single step in between before it gets into the cup put in front of me. Sometimes, these things just do not occur to you and you do not really consciously think of them right? Or maybe it is just me taking things for granted. But well, after the session, not anymore!

Now that I am aware of all these factors and aspects, I can feel a whole new respect and love for coffee and the people in this field.

Another thing that brightened my day were the baristas. They were more than happy to clarify any doubts anyone may have throughout the night as well and they were really generous with their knowledge. It was really nice. Their faces light up with passion and they are so comfortable talking and sharing and appreciating this art. It was amazing. I love people like that.

Well, it was most definitely a fruitful night for me. The losing of sleep later on was totally worth it.

(Note: Common Man Coffee Roasters have public cupping sessions every Wednesday, 2pm. Drop by if you want to give it a try!)




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