Sabotage (2014).

Sabotage_(2014_film_poster)Despite being M18, I did not feel the thrill or excitement of the action. Sure, there was blood and explosions and topless women but in all honesty, the movie was terrible and a disappointment.

Okay, to be fair, I was the only one laughing in the cinema at how bad it was so maybe I am being too harsh. But personally, I felt like the movie was a waste of my time and entirely predictable from start to finish. There were quite a few loopholes throughout the movie as well that irritated me.

The 90 minutes on screen told the journey of the elite DEA team finding themselves being killed off one by one after they robbed a drug cartel safe house.

The concept of having a string of related murders and investigations on-going to find out who is responsible was pretty interesting, especially given the nature of their jobs and the involvement of big drug cartels and the ignorance of the bigger powers in management. There was a potential, but unfortunately wasted.

The forced masculine banter was alright for the first ten minutes maybe, but it soon became meaningless and obnoxious. The language did not add to any quality of the film or give the audience a better idea of the culture or kind of life they live in. It was stereotypical and done just for the sake of, with no other purpose whatsoever.

As for the action, it was done up like a role-playing simulation game with enemies popping out from expected areas and mostly getting killed with a bullet each. Even the filming angles and stunts were game-like. I mean, come on, a random innocent party tries to escape by running right into the bullet and flies from one end of the screen to the other? Really now? And the ending was so pretentious and ridiculous, even for a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger in it. It was difficult for me to take the movie seriously after so many bad and even comical moments.

But if I got to pick one thing that I actually liked about the movie would be the use of props and the use of make up to create believable wounds, deaths and murdered victims. Spilt guts, torn intestines and drowned victims were done really well and I was impressed by how gory those were. The deaths were pretty creative and unique so at least it made things slightly more interesting than just mere gun fights and overdosing on drugs.

But that is about it, really.

Because the storyline was not much. I figured out who took the stolen money in about half an hour, and then I got bored and laughed at almost everything else.

And in the end, it is just a movie about a bunch of screwed up folks that lost trust in one another with everyone dead in the end. Yay.


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