The Nut Job (2014).

The_Nut_Job_poster Definitely a kids show. No doubt about it.

A sucker for animation movies, I caught this movie a week ago with a girlfriend of mine. We were tired, so catching this movie was a brilliant decision since it was a typical storyline with shallow humour. Well, after all, it is a kids movie so it was pretty expected.

The central focus is on Surly, an outcast, along with his rat friend Buddy as he tries to survive on his own in the city after facing exile for destroying all food stocks of the park for the winter. With complications and miscommunication, the 90 minutes will be a nutty ride for families with young children and a string of brainless laughs for teenagers (like me).

The bright colours were super appealing. I love colours and how vibrant they were on the big screen. Paired together with nicely animated scenes of the park, the city scape and the waterfall, the visuals were pretty stunning. I will say that the animators succeeded in creating a world just for this story because the styles were distinct and very strong from start to finish.

I will say that I enjoyed the movie but it did not leave any impact on me whatsoever. I left the cinema having nothing to talk or think about. Nothing really hit me. There were only certain moments of vague sadness and anger. Even now, when I recall the movie, I can remember the sequence of events and possibly a few wonderfully animated scenes that I like but that is all.

It feels a little weird really. Leaving a cinema after a show and not feel anything. A kind of strange emptiness.

But I do appreciateĀ  the movie for the life lessons it was trying to share.

  1. Not all leaders are good leaders.
  2. The majority may not believe in you, but that does not make you wrong or of less value.
  3. Think out of the box.
  4. Appreciate the unexpected and adapt.
  5. You can be a wallflower but still be a hero.

Hmm. I do not really have much else to say so I will just end off here. Abrupt, I know, but I cannot really force any words out. Just becomes useless space fillers.


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