Positivity In Threes.

The Body: I like the beauty spot on my left cheek. I like my straight spine and spotless back. I like the feel of my collar bone when I trace it with my fingertips.

The Mind: I like the drive I have. I like that I still have a passion for life. I like my appreciation for the simple joys in life.

To Forgive: My moments of insecurity. When I let my demons get the better of me. Forgetting myself.

Good At: Baking. Having a conversation. Sticking to my beliefs.

Have Done/Gotten: Entirely sunburnt. Dyed my hair. Cried while watching an animation movie.

Accomplishments: Graduated from mainstream education and choosing my own path in life. Perfromed at the Drama Centre Theatre for the second time. Still not giving up on what I want in life.

Fears To Work On: Heights. Bugs. Myself.

Things To Look Forward To: Doing The Arts every day of my life. Learning and observing new things. Happiness.


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