“I am breaking up with you. I just don’t have the time right now. I am sorry,” he apologized and turned. Walking away from her life forever.

She stared after him. Watching the retreating figure that has grown to be so familiar in the past few months. “He said sorry. That must be enough,” she shook her head and turned the other way, walking slowly towards her home.

She walked on and on. The road didn’t seem to end. She can’t bear it anymore. She turns back, eyes searching for the boy that changed her life. He’s gone. She fell to the ground and she began to crumble – weak and helpless. He would have helped her up and smiled, reminding her that she has to be strong like how he usually does. If only he was still there.

She looked up at the grey, gloomy sky and screamed.

“Was I ever loved? Can love ever be thrown away so easily?”

She felt tears falling onto her thin frail hands and she clenched her small fist.

“How could you just walk away like that?”

She picked herself up carefully, as if a wrong step will cause her to permanently fall and not get up ever again. She continued on the way home and kept whispering to herself, “He said sorry. That must be enough.”

But was it really?


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