Vampire Academy (2014).

vampire-academy-movie-posterLast Monday night, I had a wonderful time catching the preview of Vampire Academy. The director of the amazing hit Mean Girls so many years ago has done it again! Thank you so much to XinMSN for giving me the chance to enjoy this movie because I definitely had a great time.

Initially, I had my doubts about the movie. I do not despise the modern version of a vampire – good-looking, fashionable and sometimes sparkly –  but I am a sucker for fast fighting sequences, blood and gore. So I was pleasantly surprised when there were quite a number of fighting sequences and well, blood.

There are reviews on the internet that think that this movie sucks and is basically a lazy combination of Harry Potter and Mean Girls. Though I have to agree that the outfits were unnecessarily revealing at times and the establishment at the beginning was rushed, I quite enjoyed the movie as a whole.

I did not read the book and I was able to keep up with the story throughout so I was not confused at any point in time, which was fantastic. And I guess diving right into the tension and action of the story at the beginning made me really excited, though some audience members around me found it hard to keep up with and kept wondering what was going on.

Personally, I liked the comedy aspect of the movie. Being a teenager myself, I found the situations given in the academy all too familiar and was able to see the funny aspects of them since I am not directly involved in them. Most of the jokes pulled and the bullying were common occurrences back when I was in school so there were many moments when I watched on, with my own school memories playing at the back of my mind. Weirdly satisfying, I must say, especially when the bullies paid for whatever they did and got shamed.

Anyway, another part I liked about the movie will surely be the action sequences. It was a pity that despite having magical powers for some characters, magic did not really play a big part in the movie as a whole. Sure, having minimal magic helped the audience members focus more on the combat and stunts pulled but if magic was brought up, why not exploit it a little bit more? More fire and air powers will not hurt. But the stunts were pretty amazing, especially when the timing and the filming angle made everything look so fast-paced and engaging.

Generally, it was a fun watch with bitchiness and tough girls from beginning to end. Perfect for sleepovers, really.


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