He was taught how to describe the world around him,

Beyond the shape and colours blue and green.

Open your heart and mind, he was told,

Then maybe, you can describe the wonders you have seen.

He listened to the voice, packed up his things,

And traveled to places he has never been.

The evening sky is a gorgeous blend of orange and pink,

Unlike the calming blue and green of the quiet sea.

The trees next to his window are happy dancers when there is a wind,

While a lazy person, like him,  might just stay home to drink tea.

Fighting for what you want, he describes as brave and strong,

But admits later in life that sometimes it is wise to simply flee.

After adventures and lessons, he went back home,

Only to realise that there is one thing he is unable to describe to this day.

He learned everything there was in the world, but forgot about himself.

Now, he looked himself in the mirror and did not know what to say.


(I do not really know where I was getting at with this but oh well. Bad writing is better than no writing, I hope.)


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