A Case Of You (2014).

1817081_bigIf you liked 500 Days of Summer as well as Blue Jasmine, you might like this film quite a bit as well. Being more on the indie side, you will find a lot of beautiful wide angle shots of the various settings as well as wonderful music.

A sweet story of a struggling writer that becomes everything he is not to chase the girl that caught his eye and writes a book about it to achieve his dream of getting published, while discovering what love might really be about.

I was keen to watch the movie because it was an interesting concept of how anyone can be anybody’s dream person just by finding out what the person likes and not likes through social media, and in this case, Facebook. Information is everywhere and it does make me wonder why people, like me, are still unable to find that ‘Special One’. Maybe similarities are not necessary in a relationship? Maybe just trying hard to win over someone might give you a chance, even though you are nowhere close to the dream set of requirements?

The story itself put a lot of questions out there for the viewers about identity, self-love and loving somebody else. And how easily available information is these days.

On screen, some moments of the film did not really work for me and I was rather bored twenty minutes into the movie. The establishment of characters were alright at the beginning – not too long or short. It gave me enough time to have a vague idea of the different personalities of the characters and their relationships with each other. But boredom hit me when the conversation with the guitarist came and the sequences after seemed repetitive to me, after the mild humor was lost.

Things only started picking up after the main character, Sam, finally had the guts to ask Birdie out on a date. Because I finally saw the character being thrown into situations that was new to him and he showed so many different sides of himself to the audience. It was also nice that the free-spirited Birdie complemented Sam’s indecisiveness and awkwardness with her positive energy for life and things that make her happy. Their dynamics were interesting to watch on screen and I thoroughly enjoyed watching their scenes together throughout the movie.

Even though Sam’s angry outburst nearing the end was abrupt and I felt the previous scenes did not show enough to justify that climax, the ending was nevertheless heartwarming and satisfying for all the hopeless romantics out there.

But the best part for me was definitely when Sam’s book, which was essentially a story about him and Birdie’s relationship right from the start, gets dissected by his agents and it becomes a rude awakening for him. Like a sudden reality check that finally woke him up. In that moment, there is this strong sense of reality for me. Sometimes, we do things and we get so engrossed with the details and our own feelings and intentions that we are unable to see things from a different perspective or the bigger picture. To me, it was a reminder that we can only indulge in ourselves for this long before we really have to see things for what they are and choose whether or not to do something about it or just stay put within our little bubbles and turn a blind eye to everything else.

With all that said, it was not fantastic but I do appreciate the sentiments of it and what it shared with me.



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