Interview Questions About Life.

1) Do you think your name affects your personality? If I am to change your name, will you still be the same person?

2) Does age affect the way you reflect and think, besides affecting your movement and appearance? Or is it just a number?

3) How do you feel about your gender stereotypes? Do they bind you? Or do they make you free?

4) What kind of feelings do you get when I say the word “home”? Or is it merely just an address?

5) Besides your skills and certificates, what else can you share that makes you the right person?

6) What makes you… You?

7) What useful lessons did you get back in school? Or was it just mathematics equations and which stall you should queue for at lunch?

8) Name me a strong belief that you hold besides politically correct views slipping through insincere lips.

9) What is Death to you? How many times can a person actually die in every sense of the word?

10) Do you feel ready?

11) Will you ever feel ready for life?

12) Does ‘ready’ exist?


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