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2014-01-13 23.57.02Last weekend, I wanted to spend my time alone with just a book, pen and paper (I have this habit of reading and if a quote stands out to me, makes me think or touches me in some way, I write it down in a list so I can look back at them again) at a nice spot outside of my home.

I was planning to head to Artistry but by the time I get there after making a visit to the National Library Building, it was filled and overflowing with people. I was not in the state to hang out with crowds around me and being in the middle of a busy atmosphere so I decided to walk along Haji Lane to seek a quieter place.

And I found one.

I think it is quite new, or maybe it is just me not heading out often anymore because of work, that I only know of the place last week, but I was so glad to have chanced upon it.

With every corner filled with flowers – real or paper craft – the place had a lovely relaxing atmosphere. The decorations are simple yet refreshing and it quite reminds me of a mini garden. I took a seat and got myself a mushroom quiche and a cup of iced mocha. The service staff were helpful and friendly, and I loved the way they carry themselves. Guess it really does make a difference when the staff love their jobs. You can feel their love for the place, and maybe that was the secret ingredient that lifted my spirits and made me enjoy my time there.

Soft indie music was playing in the background as I read, and the people there were having quiet conversations and working on their own things, so I had my own space as well and was able to read and write comfortably with no interruptions whatsoever – not very possible at cafes like Starbucks if I choose not to listen to music from my iPod.

And the best part about my whole visit was probably learning that they have a mini garden where you can buy flowers wrapped in nice, crisp brown paper as well as handicrafts on the second level. They even have floral arrangement classes every Sunday from 2 to 5 in the afternoon, which sounds very lovely to me. I just might join in one class to learn something new on a Sunday in February when I quit this day job of mine. Hahaha.

Within the space, even though pretty small and cosy, there was so much art, relaxation and good vibes that I am definitely going back there again.

(Note: The price for the food and drink I bought was about $12.60. Pretty affordable and worth it for the atmosphere and lovely time I spent back there!)


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