A night of words, food and music.

IMG_6791[1]It was a Saturday with work in the morning and clearing my emails. I am currently trying very hard to organise my own projects and work, by the way. I do not want to be lazy just because one internship ended and my new job is starting on Monday. (Shall blog about my internship experiences soon!)

So, after all the tasks were done and I felt like I achieved something, I decided to go down to Lowercase for dinner and catch their first event of the year – Lowercase and The Linch Agency present: Lyon Apprentice, Gentle Bones, Lokies and Linying.

I have always loved Lowercase. The atmosphere is always happening but peaceful at the same time. It is really conducive for arty discussions or just sitting in a corner with your MP3 and minding your own business. The lighting is not too bright that it kills your eyes or too warm that it makes you sleepy, so that’s wonderful. The staff there are always so polite and smiley, so I love the space!

That night, I got myself Fish and Chips with Iced Lemon Tea while my friend Sim Lin got herself Beef and Peppercorns as well as a Hazelnut Latte. The lemon tea was not sweet and I could really taste the lemon – slightly bitter, sour with a slight sweet after taste. I quite like it. My fish and chips was great – served fresh and hot – and the chips were not too salty. And the whole meal went really well with their tartar sauce. I was able to finish the whole meal without getting sick of it halfway, which was nice. I got a few mouthfuls of the Beef and Peppercorns. When hot, it tasted great with tender beef but it is definitely a meal you have to finish hot because when left to cool for a bit, you may get sick of the taste and the pasta went limp.

Afterwards, both of us went for the music event. For three hours of music, the entrance fee was only six bucks. It was really worth it, in my opinion.

The night had four acts and it was interesting how different they all are when they present themselves or how they spoke, but their music genre were all pretty similar with their own quirks and style for added flavour. Linying kicked off the night with originals as well as covers, followed by Lokies, Gentle Bones and last but not least Lyon Apprentice. I thoroughly enjoyed myself for each of their sets.

But one thing that really stood out for me that night, was how these musicians knew the technicalities of their instruments and music. I think that is really amazing. They are able to set up on their own with their own equipment. They depend on themselves and rely on themselves to keep things going. With big name musicians, the skills are probably forgotten and lost but I liked how they knew almost everything they need to make their music and their set work. It is a craft and I think it is something a lot of us overlook about what it really means to be a musician today.

Food for thought. Hmm.


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