As The Light Goes Out (2013).

As-the-Light-Goes-Out-2014-1It is a rare sight to see me walk into a cinema to watch a Mandarin movie instead of an English one. Personally, I think I am more aware of what is going on and showing on the big screens for English movies because of my interests and the pages I follow on my social media accounts.

So I am glad that gave me a pair of tickets to catch As The Light Goes Out at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard last Monday. I mean, it is great to be in touch with my mother tongue again!

Generally, this movie is a tribute to all firefighters and the storyline revolves around five different men and their relationship with each other while ambition, priorities and major decisions come into play. It is about trust, brotherhood and sacrifice.

I was not sure what to expect when I entered the cinema but I left with new found respect for all the people in the public service sector and was really touched by the movie. Having gained new perspectives and thoughts from the movie, I was rather shocked at myself for never wondering about them right from the start. Then it struck me how little it occurs to me to think about these people that put their lives on the line for us on a daily basis and appreciate them. It is shameful, really.

So I am happy that the movie gave me a good insight to the life of a firefighter – the way they live life, their feelings and thoughts that haunt them occasionally and the possible reactions from their family to their job. In the media, I usually only hear about the heroic acts or photographs of the men saving lives and smiling for the camera after everything is over. I would barely encounter stories of grief, fear or even anger. But they are people and they are more than their jobs. They are everyday heroes with worries of losing their lovers, fighting for that promotion and the duty of bringing their kid to school.

Besides the insight and sentiment behind the making of the entire movie, I quite liked the way the filming was done – angles used, lighting, slowing down of certain moments and other technicalities. It made some moments linger for longer and that made those moments stay in my mind longer. If I close my eyes, I can still see the emotions on the actors’ face, the cigarette smoke in the air and the stillness of that memory. It was a very strong image and sent a very strong message with it. It will definitely be something I will be remembering for a long time.

But of course, the actors especially Nicholas Tse did a good job and helped the message reach the audience. It was refreshing to see him in this role, since I usually see him in action films or in villainous roles. His character was one of the more quiet ones but his emotions could be seen through his little gestures and his gaze. It was a quiet but strong performance. I liked it.

Anyway, I will end off by telling you that this movie is out January 2 in Singapore!






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