It is entirely based on the idea of discipline. Discipline is good for you. That’s what they teach in schools right? Learn how to discipline yourself and success will find you. I learnt that well , and that is why I am able to reapply this somewhere else.

Yes, I am Anorexic.

Are you about to judge me? I think you are. Most people do. I’d like to think it is out of jealousy. You are looking at my legs and body and hands and the sharp features on my face. Captivating? Curious? It was easy. I told you, it is entirely based on the idea of discipline.

Oh, don’t you come telling me that it is bad and whatever. I am not going to listen to you or the media. The media just goes into any cause that has the money anyway. It used to be ‘skinny’ and now? It is all about ‘big and beautiful’. If that is really the case, then why are slimming centres still making so much money? Care to tell me about it? So do you want ‘skinny’ or ‘big’? You guys might not know what you want, but I do.

I want to be disciplined.

And you are supposed to accept me for who I am, no? Nowadays, it is all about free expression and embracing who you really are. So why can’t you embrace me like this?

This is me.

I know I used to be big and bullied. But I have changed. I wasn’t accepted then, so why am I still not accepted now? Can you please make up your mind?

Actually, I don’t really care about what you think about my ‘twisted’ idea of disciplining myself.

After all, it is all about mind over matter. I don’t mind and you… Don’t matter.



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