Frozen (2013).

Frozen-movie-poster After a while of hesitation, I finally caught Frozen at Golden Village last Monday. And I am happy to say that I enjoyed the movie! I am so glad that I decided to catch it in the end.

Just like Tangled and Wreck-It Ralph, the tale warmed my heart while I laughed throughout the movie. I have totally no regrets sitting among talkative children and families. It was worth it!

I enjoyed the songs as well as Olaf’s jokes the most.

The songs spanned across a whole range of emotions – sadness, happiness, helplessness as well as empowerment. I liked that. I mean, life is not a bed of roses and it is nice that we are trying to bring in some sort of realism into the movie. I remember the times I was catching episodes of Barney and Friends, dreaming my life was as easy as that and having them shattered and wished the show told me more truths about growing up. So I definitely appreciated the exploration of our ‘negative’ emotions and made me relate to the characters more.

My favourite song is “Do you want to build a snowman?’. It is by Ana to her sister Elsa. A lovely song that charted Ana’s growth and change through the years as well as her constant yearning for her sister’s care and affection. The song was really bittersweet and stayed with me.

Okay, now, for the humour. I am pretty sure it was not just me that found it funny. There were young adults laughing as loudly as I was in the cinema, so it is really not simple humour that is lame and for the sake of having comedic moments. The timing was really good for all the jokes and Olaf says things at appropriate moments. So instead of being a typical silly and crude joker, he was sweet, lovable and genuinely funny.

For example, he told Ana that ‘some people are worth melting for’ and that was probably the sweetest line ever. It might even be the takeaway message for the whole movie. He was willing to sacrifice his life for friendship and that was beautiful. It was as moving a moment as Ana saving Elsa and turning into ice, even though the words were slightly cheesy. He is the best friend that everyone would want to have, and with such a personality, it is really no wonder that he stole the show.

Lastly, what I really appreciated was the ending of the movie. A kiss from a lover was not what saved Ana. A hug from her dear sister saved her. And I think that is important. So many times, we go through life looking for lovers and craving true love that only lovers can give. But that is a myopic view of what true love encompasses. There are many kinds of love out there and familial love is one of them. Something that drives most of us to go on in life, but constantly overlooked and pushed aside. That hug, for that thirty seconds, reminded me of what love really is.

And that was a really meaningful reflection I had from this movie. Thank you to the movie makers for such a beautiful ending. I loved it.


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