FFT X Singapore Biennale Dinner (2013).

IMG_6424[1]I have not visited the Singapore Biennale, sadly. I am looking forward to dedicating an entire weekend to thoroughly appreciate the experience and artworks at all venues, so I was really happy when I got myself a spot for this dinner.

I dined with strangers, curators as well as artists last Friday at FFT @ 8Q as part of social dining experiments being held in conjunction with the Singapore Biennale 2013.

To earn a place, all you have to do is to answer three questions. You get picked if your answers show off your personality and stand out to the curatorial team. So all of you that are interested should totally check it out if they have another one lined up because it was a really interesting night for me!

(Note: Look it up on Food For Thought’s Facebook page .)

The three questions I had to answer were:

  1. Do you prefer Dawn or Dusk? Why?
  2. What is your favourite colour and what sound would be its substitute? Why?
  3. Would you rather lose your sense of touch or sight? Why?

The questions caught my eye so I decided to give it a try. It is always interesting to think about these kind of questions and search for answers within yourself. Here are my answers to the questions above:

  1. Even though my name is Dawn, I think I prefer the dusk. Simply because I like it when all is quiet and I can hear the sounds and rhythms of my body – my heart beating, the voices in my head and my emotions running high. It makes me feel very connected with myself and like I am one with the entire universe for those few hours. It fills me with a calm feeling. It is a kind of quiet beautiful that happens during the dusk, while dawn is more of a vibrant beauty that envelopes people.
  2. My favourite colour is red. And the sound to substitute it will be the sound of the waves. Sometimes it is calm yet steady, like red bleeding the sky from the sun. Sometimes it roars loudly, like passion and love.
  3. I’d rather lose my sight. I think I can make do without the colours, lights and movies, But I don’t think I will be able to stand being unable to feel texture, skin and a connection with another living thing. It is scary being able to see something right in front of you, touch it and not feel anything. No feeling or sense and just emptiness.

Anyway, the whole experience was awesome. Everyone was friendly and willing to share though all distinctly different. I was not sure what I was really expecting out of the dinner but I learnt many things that night. Be it about the Korean culture, the human brain, stories behind all the people at the table, the discussions went on through the night. Sure, there were pockets of silence but they were comfortable, not awkward. Maybe if I listened just a little harder, I might just be able to listen to the rhythm of all the information being processed in our brains and heart that night.

I also liked how each dish served up were answers from the chef to the questions above. Instead of simply just listening, absorbing, appreciating and sharing, I got to taste how someone’s answer, which was really interesting. It is funny sometimes how all our senses connect with each other and we are usually not very conscious about it.

The conversations I had that night still drift in and out of mind even though it has been days. But well, interesting conversations just stay longer than mundane ones. The dinner will definitely be one of the many memories I will treasure for a long time. Thank you so much to FFT for having me. I truly appreciated the experience!


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