2Degree Ice Art (2013-2014).

2013-11-21 15.51.01I have never heard about this before and considering that I am mostly running around this island, I am barely going overseas. So, if I cannot travel overseas for the cold weather… Why not visit an ice art exhibition and experience the crazy cold weather right here in Singapore?

Dressed up in a beanie and my winter boots, I was only missing a winter jacket as well as gloves for the exhibition. Thank goodness I was able to rent the jacket for $5 and get the pair of gloves for free.

With the temperature being minus 15 degrees, I was really thankful for the extra wear. I have never experienced such temperature before, unless the Snow City counts, but I only managed to spend about an hour in the exhibition space before I had to leave. My hands were freezing up and my throat was starting to get dry.

But well, I got a kick at feeling the temperature for myself and watching my breath fog up. Hahaha.

Anyway, the space was just right. Not too grand but not too small – just right to contain your excitement and visit all the works before you freeze up in the cold. There were several works and with their placement, it was an interesting and fascinating experience for me as a whole.

The works vary in size and scale so viewers get to interact with the ice art sculptures a lot, like going in between ice pillars or putting your face up close to baby dinosaur sculptures just to appreciate the detail and skill of the artist. Personally, I went round the sculptures several times just to get a good look at the big picture as well as the craftsmanship.

From the iconic Statue of Liberty to dinosaurs to traditional Chinese figures, the 2Degree Ice Art exhibition definitely provided me with a variety of objects to admire, appreciate and pose with. They allow photographs to be taken and you will feel free in the space because it is comfortable and less strict compared to a regular museum setting. You can talk, pose with the statues and just gush over how amazing the ice sculptures are!

But the best part will definitely be the ice sculpture right at the middle of the entire exhibition. It was like a castle but with slides! there are two slides at the side for individuals to use and one gigantic lane in the middle for you to sit on a float device to slide down right from the top. It was awesome and I did it quite a few times. It made me think of the fun and how ice sculptures are not just good to look at, but also good for fun, games and a whole lot more of interaction.

I definitely had fun and it reminded me so much of the fun you get at countries with the four seasons. Anyway, as long as you go well-prepared and willing to let loose and indulge in the whole exhibition, you can stay in there forever and just have an icy good time!


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