Thor: The Dark World (2013).

THURS_003B_G_ENG-GB_70x100.inddAfter catching Avengers, I started having an interest in superhero movies. I went to catch Ironman 3 for example, when I had no idea what happened for the first two. Okay, eventually, I did catch the first two movies during my own time but I sort of got bored halfway. So, similar to my Ironman experience, I caught Thor: The Dark World last Monday without watching the first.

I was just glad that missing out on the first movie did not hinder my understanding for this second movie of the series. So, no loss there.

I was not impressed by the story line or the love story since it was pretty expected and nothing extraordinary. But to make up for it, the way the effects were executed, the focus of the eyes of certain characters as well as the acting were pretty awesome.

Okay, I am a sucker for properly executed effects because well, they look really good on the big screen and the more realistic they are, the more believable the story is. If the effects done were bad, I would get distracted, laugh and start criticising them in my mind instead of enjoying the movie. So believe me when I say that I really appreciated the explosions, falling buildings as well as the space jump from time to time. They were fascinating and took me on a crazy journey with sudden change in view points, setting and lighting.

Speaking of lighting, the focus on Heimdell’s eyes took my breath away. Honey gold and reflecting the light off, it drew out the details of the iris – specks of colour, lines and enhanced the gaze of this particular character. It definitely stole my attention away from the rest of his face and maybe it was a good thing, since the actor Idris Elba was able to express his emotions and thoughts through his eyes. If eyes are truly the windows to the soul, I was able to see Heimdell’s soul.

Lastly, everyone stayed true to their characters as they were acting and that definitely beefed things up. Some may argue that the fights are still the same (regarding whether Thor should trust Loki or not) but well, as long as an issue is not yet resolved, it will always stay on your mind, nagging at you constantly, no? Anyway, some people may find it tiresome or maybe too focused on that particular issue instead of really fully exploiting the complexity of the situation, but I felt it was just nice. Because the whole plot would be too messy and confusing with any more additional points of focus, especially when we were able to explore deeper into Loki’s psyche in this movie.

Anyway, the movie left many questions in my mind.

Which was the real Loki – the one that saved Thor or the one that cut his hand off? Did he help his brother out of familial love or only because he knew Thor would be able to defeat the enemy and get that obstacle out of his way to the throne? Does Loki really seek the throne or is it validation and love?


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