Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013).

Image  I have never been keen for catching horror movies at cinemas. Over the years, my tolerance for horror increased and soon, I found myself laughing at most sequences most times. Because most horror movies do not have a storyline and are totally ridiculous.

I had a worry that Insidious: Chapter 2 was going to end up the same way. But I am pretty happy that it was better than what I expected.

I did not catch the first chapter of this movie but that did not affect my understanding of what was going on in the movie, so that was good. The storyline and relationships between the characters were made clear so I did not get confused by anything.

It is a simple haunting story about a family being victim to a spirit that’s an object of parental abuse. One can argue that this storyline has been played out on screen so many million times that it is typical and cliche, but there were a few qualities that I quite liked from this movie.

One thing that I really liked was how subtle hints and references were made right at the beginning and how all the pieces started adding up together nearing the end. It is a little like fixing up a puzzle. I feel that these kinds of interaction makes me feel closer to the characters and like I am a part of this whole incident, instead of merely being a passive onlooker. I guess it makes the whole experience more intimate?

Another thing that I really appreciate about this movie would probably be the back story of the haunting spirit. Instead of being the typical evil, unable-to-rest-in-peace and vengeful spirit that harms to fulfill its wants, the spirit in this movie was actually driven by his mother to do so. Other than drawing the audience to understand his past life and his intentions, it reminds us that not all spirits are evil or purely rotten. After all, they used to roam on this Earth with us and like everyone (living or dead) they have a story.

And lastly, how your family can make or break you. I truly believe that every parent loves their child, but sometimes, they show it in a really twisted way. But regardless, the child always have the choice to break free eventually. In this case, the living family showed love, support and unity in all scenarios – an ideal family that everyone strives for. As for the spirits, I saw how love can be manipulated and used as a weapon to force things to go the way you want it to. Put together the two families, and you get a whole spectrum of what love can be and it is definitely food for thought.

Anyway, serious stuff aside, the humour from the two comic characters were at a minimal since they are not the main characters but it was enough to keep things rather light and not too serious. This movie was never meant to be gory or totally horrific. To me, this movie used horror to share a message and scares you by throwing a different side of the things we are familiar with, like family, love and the living world.

Hmm, yea.


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