Gravity (2013).

I have read and heard many good reviews about this movie, so curiosity got the better of me and I went to watch it.

And oh, it was so good.

Hmm, I will admit that the repetitive nature of the main problem being satellite debris can get action and thriller lovers bored out of their minds. But for me, the storyline was not much of a focus because I was very into the acting and choices made for the movie.

For one, most movies would not risk having a slow and deliberate sequence right at the start and with absolute silence. I was shocked but that made me anticipate what might happen later on in the movie. That choice made the movie beginning interesting for me I think.

I quite liked the idea of space being anti-gravity as well. The word ‘cool’ kept going through my head when the flames were flying around or when Ryan’s tears floated away from her face and started floating around in space freely. I think  just like the floating.

But it was on the border of ridiculous that the carrier she was on did not explode or that the debris totally missed her when she was trying to fix it. There were not even scratches.

Anyway, it was unbelievable that the whole movie was carried forward mainly by one character, Ryan – a lady doctor that was part of a mission to carry out experiments.

I was pretty shocked that George Clooney played a supporting role to Sandra Bullock. I always had the impression that he is higher up on the Hollywood scene than she is. But I have always been quite a fan of Bullock so I was not complaining.

Sandra Bullock’s acting was pretty convincing. With so many close up shots, I was able to see the emotions being expressed on her face really clearly. Every blink, every frown, every breath was captured in detail and it heightened the emotions being presented on screen.

That being said, I was so glad that it was not over-the-top acting because that would have made me feel that the acting was insincere and lacking in depth.

I felt her acting in Gravity showed off her acting prowess more than her role in The Blind Side (the show that touched me deeply).

The subtlety was what really stood out to me. The slight change in facial expression, the pace in her breathing in different situations… I really admire her for pulling it off. Makes me want to strive to be as good as her one day, actually.

Anyway, before I end, I will just share that my favourite moment of the entire movie was how she struggled to stand on her own two feet and to walk on land. Reading fantasy stories and listening to great astronomical research being done in space, we always idealise the experience and no one shares the difficulties of it. The struggle of walking reminded me of how she was unfamiliar with the ability of walking (since it is not needed in space at all where you float around) and it brought to mind all that she has sacrificed for her job.

Her family, the sunshine, the life, the sounds and the basic routines she would do every day in the comfort of her home.

That moment was brief but it left me thinking.



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