Every morning, I take the public transport to work and I look around at all the people around me.

Sure, they look different with their various outfits. But inside, they are probably mostly the same.

You look at their faces and they have no expression whatsoever. Their facial expressions do not change with whatever they are doing, feeling or sensing. Just blank.

Sometimes, I look at a few closely and make eye contact with those dull eyes. They lost their spark.

I was close to that, maybe.

For some time, I could feel myself dragging my feet to work and mornings just seem so painful. I felt that I had nothing to look forward to – no tasks to complete and help out with.

I do not like not doing anything, and not learning. It becomes almost a waste of time.

So those moments were sucking the life out of me. My eyes were losing their brightness, my body was losing the enthusiasm and my heart was losing the emotions.

It was like I lost the ability to care about anything or to feel for whatever is around me. I could only think about myself and I was drowning in my own misery.

It was not a nice feeling. And now, I look at all these people going to work every morning. Not caring if others get to board the train, not planning to be considerate and always armed with a glare to shoo you away.

And I wonder if I have the heart to tell them off about their awful behavioural tendencies.

Seems like a case of cause and effect, does it not?



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