We Will Dance 2013.

20130819-083124.jpg Last Saturday, Hong Lim Park was filled with laughter, sweat and applause.

It was a dance marathon for groups to dance for charity organisations and sweat it out to various genres of dance. And you can choose to go solo, duo or trio, as well as pick how many hours you would like to challenge (3/6/10 hours).

I wanted to try out for the 10 hours, but considering how I am probably unfit and under my friends’ advice, my team decided to go for the six hours instead.

Really, I did not really know what to expect since I have never participated in a dance marathon ever.

So at the venue, we had instructors get up on stage to teach us choreography or we simply followed their movements according to the music. We did dance genres such as Hip hop, Salsa, KPOP and Zumba.

And all I can say is that it was really tiring. Dance after dance after dance, I was engaging my entire body throughout. I have never worked out so hard in my entire life I think.

But it was worth it. Dancing with close friends and all of us having fun together made the whole experience memorable. The fact that none of us gave up and stayed on the dance floor throughout was something to be proud of.

I can safely say that we were probably not the best dancers and we may not have kept up with dance movements all the time. But who cares about embarrassment?

The point of the event was not to show off skills, but it was about unity and people coming together to dance. And raise funds in a fun but dedicated way.

And I think that was the beauty of the event.


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