Why are there people that are constantly frowning? Or giving a grim expression most times?

Are you not tired?

Working on this production and understanding Ivy has been difficult, and in some ways, still is.

She is always frowning or annoyed or angry. And after a rehearsal, like tonight, my whole body feels tired.

Feeling angry does things to the physical body. Like tensed up shoulders, tightened facial expressions and folded arms.

Right now, my cheeks feel a little stretched. My eyebrows just resting gently on my face and my eyes just cannot roll anymore.

And it is strange how I used to be like Ivy.

All small and angry. Usually tired but always ready to fight. How all the emotions were kept inside and sort of repressed.

I still see a little of myself in her, really. But I am glad that she is just a part of me and I am no longer almost as sad as she is most times.

Because my life would be really different. And I would be blind to so many things in my life that I should be thankful about,


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